Emmanuella Samuel made headlines in the entertainment industry in June after publicly debunking a pregnancy rumor circulated on social media speculating that she was pregnant for an alleged unknown boyfriend.

In response to a fan’s remark, @official

emmolak, who said, “I can’t see the belle o,” after she posted a video of herself and security personnel on her Instagram account in June.

“As you can see, I am not pregnant; if you heard anything about it, it must have been a rumor,” Emanuella responded lightheartedly with laughing emojis, putting an end to the rumor.

The little comedian, who was named Sub-Saharan Africa’s most subscribed YouTube creator in 2016, made her YouTube debut at the age of five with a comedy skit with Mark Angel, who has featured her in his comedy series.

Within five years, Emanuella has amassed a massive fan base, the majority of whom were unconcerned about a fan’s remark about her alleged pregnancy at the time of its popularity.

However, it has already been six months since the 11-year-old Comedienne debunked the public claim that she was pregnant, and during this time, one incredible thing has occurred in her life, as seen below.

Emmanuella now has 14 million Instagram followers, making her the most followed celebrity on the social media platform in Nigeria.

As we all know, when the public criticizes a celebrity for any reason, it either makes that person more popular or known because the public is also interested in learning the secrets of their favorite celebrity. As a result, Emmanuella’s case was not exempt; she faced the same challenges that caused her to deny such claims.

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During the period at which she was believed to be pregnant by some people, she had just 10million followers on Facebook, and within few months after the false claims surfaced online, she has now gotten 14M followers on Facebook, which is considered a milestone in the entertainment industry.

Congratulations to the youngest superstar on her continued success in the entertainment industry.


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