Abena Nelson is a disgruntled friend who used to social media to accuse her pal of sleeping with her boyfriend, brother, and father.

She explained how her friend, Sue Davies, broke her confidence by becoming sexual with her partner in the bathroom in a lengthy sequence of tweets.

Abena Nelson has chosen to call Sue out after years of silence to tell the world how unfaithful a friend she was in letting her uncontrollable sex appetite to wreck their precious friendship.

In the lengthy narrative below, Abena Nelson tagged her friend…

I’ve fought so hard to keep it all together since this nymphomaniac, whom I once called a friend, had sex with my partner, cheated on my brother, and made advances on my father @SueDavisxxx is simply wicked.

We made friends at Cape Coast Nursing Training College, where I let her stay in the two-bedroom apartment I was renting. We quickly became like sisters, and I introduced her to my older brother, who became her lover.

I would tell her everything, and she would tell me everything that was going on in her life, including her relationship with my brother. I also told her everything about my partner, who was residing in Takoradi at the time.

When our boyfriends arrived to Cape Coast together, we would go out on double dates. She lived in Kumasi with her mother, so when the school closed, she would come to visit us in Accra to spend time with my brother at our father’s house.

We were like a family and began referring to her as our in-law. Yet once we finished nursing school and waited for placements, I saw a new side of her. Suddenly, she demanded that we always go to the nightclub.

When we went out, she would get quite intoxicated and occasionally act out. My brother, in fact, began to complain about her behavior.

Because of his work schedule with our father, my brother had rented a room for her in Adenta and spent the weekends with her there. My boyfriend also got a position at one of Accra’s ministries, so he relocated there. So we decided he should also rent a house in Adenta.

We didn’t have anything to do most of the time because we were still waiting for placement. So I spent the majority of my time with Sue when our boyfriends were at work. Sue began to complain that my brother did not spend enough time with her.

So I visited her whenever I could and went to the club with her whenever I could. On weekends, she spent her entire time with my brother. Sue always said she liked sex and told me about some of the wild things she did with my brother.

She remarked that my brother’s performance was deteriorating as he spent more time at work. When we walked to the club, I noticed her playing a crazy character, drinking more and dancing seductively with random guys.

I began limiting my outings with her because her conduct was attracting some strange guys to me at the clubs, which I didn’t like. My lover was on leave for a week, so I went to stay with him.

That’s when I noticed Sue go to her room with a guy I’d seen her with before at the club. My boyfriend claimed to have seen the automobile drop off Sue several times. As a result, I went to bed believing he had just dropped her off.

Then, in the morning, I spotted the guy driving away from Sue’s apartment. I began to feel uneasy about the scenario. Later in the day, I walked over to Sue’s house and asked her how her previous day went.

She informed me she had returned from the club with the guy who had slept over since he was too drunk to drive home. I hadn’t even informed her I’d seen them on my way home, so I trusted her narrative. I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping with the guy or anyone else at the time.

I went back to school once to get some documents because I was looking for a job at a private clinic. I had to stay in Cape Coast for a few days and wanted to surprise my partner on my way back because it was a Saturday.

When I arrived, the main entrance door was not locked, so I just walked in. I went to the bathroom after realizing he was in there. To my astonishment, my guy was having intense sex with Sue in the bathtub.

I stood there stunned, watching the two of them screw, Sue groaning all over the place, and didn’t say anything until my boyfriend caught a glimpse of me. He cried “oh no!” and covered his face.

I left right away and never returned to him. Interestingly, he never phoned to apologize or seek pardon. I was nice to him, and he knows it; I even rented him a room in Accra. But it wasn’t meant to be, I think.

Sue, on the other hand, tried to phone me several times but I didn’t mind. Of course, I notified my brother, and he no longer wants anything to do with her. Things became much worse when my father gave my brother his phone to print some documents at the office one day.

My brother was using the phone when he noticed a WhatsApp message from Sue to our father. He curiously opened it to find a record of our father’s chats with Sue, complete with nude images and videos.

He instantly videotaped Sue and our father’s WhatsApp conversation and gave it to me via his phone. I was stunned and disappointed. Happily, it was evident from the conversation that our father didn’t want anything to do with Sue.

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