Yetunde Akilapa, a Nigerian actress, was apprehended by an irate mob while in possession of various keys to illegally access her victims.

Yetunde Akilapa was shamed for stealing from the residence of a woman known on Twitter as Noor in a video that went viral.

Noor tweeted that she discovered the actress in her flat with her possessions, which included wigs.

Not for the first time has the Yoruba actress been apprehended for theft.

Yetunde Akilapa was arrested in 2015 for entering a beauty salon without permission.

She was discovered in possession of a master key after working hours in Yaba.

Earlier in February 2013, the police in Alade, Somolu, Lagos State, arrested her for robbery.

She was transferred to Kirikiri jail, where she spent a few months before regaining her freedom.

Also in 2018, the actress was detained for attempting to obtain unauthorized access to a residence in the Magodo neighborhood of Lagos.

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