Afia Schwar admits, "I never married."

Afia Schwar admits, “I never married.”


Afia Schwar has finally revealed the truth behind the “viral marriage” that swept social media last week.

In an interview with Empire FM, the self-proclaimed Queen of GH Comedy denied marrying a chief.

According to Schwar, her Kente video had nothing to do with marriage, and it was bloggers who spread false information about her marriage.
Afia Schwar explained that the congratulatory messages from her children and goddaughters were simply eulogies for carrying the burdens of orphans and the less fortunate in society for the past decade.


As Afia has categorically stated, she has not snatched any chief from his first wife, as Nana Tornado has strongly implied.

Bloggers, as well as radio and television hosts, should invite the male socialite into studios to explain and disclose where and how he obtained the information that she is now the second wife of a certain chief.

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