Actress Adebimpe Oyebade’s fan advised her to stop strutting her stuff since Nigerians deserve more from her child than just birthday greetings each year.

Ahead of her birthday, Mo-Bimpe posted a breathtaking snapshot of herself on social media wearing a stunning costume and an amazing headpiece.

On Instagram, a follower going by the handle @deborah.bolarinwa urges Mo-Bimpe to stop boasting and concentrate on getting pregnant.

The comment read: ” Anty Bimpe, all dis Afefeyeye is enough ooo all Naija is expecting your baby ooo, not only birthday wishes we want to celebrate every year ooo. Hmm!!! Ema binu to ba bo si apo ibinu yin oo. All d people dat say I love you I like you de won’t tell you d truth”.

In response to the fan’s message, netizens took their time to blast the fan, for being insensitive. See reaction below;

– @deborah.bolarinwa Ok you think say na all nigerian no get sense as you dont get abi fool

– @deborah.bolarinwa so insensitive a comment, can you people stop being insensitive ke???? Wicked!

@deborah.bolarinwa madam please she has only being married for a little over a year ok. Be sensitive as a fellow woman and don’t put pressure on her …she still has to live her life when God says it’s time we will celebrate with her …You can pray for her . Let women stop pressuring other women about child…some people get depressed as it is very sensitive. Ire o

– @deborah.bolarinwa what’s you people’s problem sef?? Why are you being a narcissist?? Will you raise the baby on her behalf?? What’s with this insensitive comment on someone else page?? Go and give birth if you’re looking for a child rather than telling someone that’s enjoying her marriage to!!! Is it a must someone give birth cuz she married??can’t she enjoy her husband&marriage first before thinking about children???? Learn how to live your own life first!!! And live it well

– @deborah.bolarinwa can you just learn to mind your business if you don’t have a human feeling I’m very sure you don’t have a happy home where others are celebrating dey there they bitter

– @deborah.bolarinwa babanla oloriburuku niyin,she tell you say she Dey find child Abi she follow you celebrate birthday yesterday,Oloshi eda

– @deborah.bolarinwa but y are u people like this ..there are some things dat are not meant to be said..haha…

– @deborah.bolarinwa so she is daft to know the know the truth learn to mind business her marriage is just 1yr u don Dey pressure her thank God you are not her mother-in-law u for don ask for divorce

– @deborah.bolarinwa were Po ni Instagram oo. You never learn? Are you in there family plan? Do you have a manufacturing baby company? Is it your birthday? You that have and think another woman is doing afefeyeye because you are fortune to have one or more have you heard about the story of Hannah and her rival before? Why not face your life

– @deborah.bolarinwa this is to mean Aunty, keep your advice or rather pray for her. God giveth and not human, and she’s expected to live her life, even during the waiting period. So please next time don’t say this to people, you don’t know their pain. Thanks ma

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