They all claim to have unique features and flaunt them because they believe it is their unique body, curves, and natural beauty.

It is clear that social media has become a more exciting platform in recent years, with people spending the majority of their time on it.

Melanin Pride, as she is known, has caused quite a stir on the internet with her posts of heavy melons and natural beauty.

Shes has this “Silver dollar potential”.

What a well-endowed damsel…it appears she has more melons than Pamela, who goes by the nicknames “Iamnaturalpam, Hawa, Naturalpam” and is known on social media by b00bs and natural beauty.

Melanin is a hot model who enjoys music, fashion, and spending most of her time taking pictures of her adorable melons that have everyone talking.

See her pictures below that has got everyone talking..

Click here to See Video Here


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