At the wedding ceremony, the beautiful lady, who is undeniably endowed, spontaneously got up and began initiating an er0tic dance using an empty water bottle to complement her strange dance.

Evidently, she imagined herself in bed with any man whose ‘thing’ was long enough to make her salivate.

She brought the bottle close to her ‘downtown’ and began thrusting and rotating it clockwise, much like she would with her lover in bed.

Look at the reactions;

@pushiinginti: “Did the devil send you or what?”

“This is why you don’t always invite anyone to your party,” says @dontmentionmyname.

@iknowyou: “I understand that dance is dance, but this is not a good wedding dance at all.”

“What does she want?” said @nicholasannorbaiden. She went ahead and placed the bottle there. Saa gymii. “There’s no cr@zy guy at the wedding who’s going to make her bed.”


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