Bidoun Okeowo, often known as Omoborty, a Nigerian actress, has responded after netizens ridiculed her for surprised herself on Valentine’s Day and pretending it was from her lover.

The actress posted a video of a bunch of flowers and cash that her lover gave her.

But, in a recent video uploaded on social media, she appears calm and less dramatic than normal, which has led to accusations that she deceives her fans and is false.

In response to the criticism, Bidoun Okeowo clarified that her lack of emotional response to the surprise does not indicate that she is acting.

She wrote: ” Please I have a question…

All those people saying I surprised myself 😃, just because I wasn’t dramatic, jumping up and crying 🤣!

C’mon now!!! Everyone is not a drama queen. I’m a calm person, I can’t change me just because my man surprised me.

But wait o! What is the rationale behind such speculation?

Is it because I’m too ugly to have a man who cherishes and spend on me or it’s because I cruise a lot…?

Or you want me to start flaunting? Is that how you people do..(faking things)?
I’m sorry to disappoint you all…. I’m too real to fake anything for the gram.

This Ijebu babe is too fond of cash to employ a surprise delivery service to bring me cash.
Even paying for fresh banknotes itches my flesh, let alone paying for a phony surprise. I wish us everyone love…so that we may believe that wonderful guys still exist.



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