Comedy is really a big thing in the entertainment industry as well as a huge niche in the movie industry. The work of Comedians can not be over-emphasized because they have made our past and present year fun with their sense of humor and passion for comedy.

Some of us ideally prefer comedy to any other movies due to it ability to suppress boredom and sadness. Therefore we bring forth the Top 10 best Comedians In the Nollywood-Yoruba Industry;

10. Ayanfe Adekunle(Monsuru)

The light skinned Yoruba actor is a

troublesome fellow, so crazy, stubborn, non-sensical yet a very funny comedian. The first sight of him in movies immediately brings laughter to us because we know the great fun awaiting us in the movie.

9. Portable-Olu Olowogemo

Portable is one of the funniest, sickest and hilarious comic actors, he’s well known for his short height and incredibly funny ability to talk faster with a high level of stupidity and unseriousness.

8. Madam No Network-Kudirat Soremi

She has the most non-sensical attitude of all the other comic actors, She’s well known for her major role of feigning deafness, pretending as if she’s deaf and interpreting other people’s words into something stupid and different entirely.

7. Afeez Oyetero

Popularly called Saka, the 57 years old veteran and talented actor distinguishes himself as a mindblowing comic actor both On-screen and On-stage.

6.Wale Akorede

Popularly called Okunu. He’s a Veteran and Well-known face in the Nollywood Industry. He has been able to display his talent as a comic actor and he is always appreciated.

5.Rukayat Lawal

Popularly called Iya Ibadan Sneh, She is know for her sharp mouth and her savagely abusive words. She has starred in so many movies including Higi Haga and Amope Ajabiiji.

4.Adekola Tijani

Popularly called Kamilu kompo, he is a close friend to another comic actor called Sanyeri and they are mostly seen in movies together displaying their loquacious, hilarious and savage attitude.

3. Tunde Usman

Popularly called Okele, this man is an incredibly funny actor, he pulls his role as perfectly as possible. He’s known for his savage and abusive words, he is also full of guts and can abuse anyone including his boss.

2. Tayo Amokade

Popularly called Ijebu, he is known for his funny dialect which is sometimes hard to understand. Anyone would love to see him in movies.

1. Olaniyi Afonja

He’s popularly called Sanyeri, his humorous acting is characterized by absurd foolishness, hilarious imbecility and his sense is far from reality. Everything about him cracks people up including his bald head, tribal mark and short height.

So, from all the actors mentioned above, who’s your favourite and who do you think pulls of his comic talent best?

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