Fans react after seeing Hajia 4 Real with an electronic tracker hidden in her boots.

Hajia 4 Real is making headlines because the Ghanaian socialite is in danger. Her alleged fraud case in the United Kingdom is far from ended!

Hajia 4 Real is yet to return to Ghana after being detained in the United Kingdom in October 2023.

While the specifics of her alleged fraud case are unknown, there are other indications that Hajia has been charged.

According to accounts, she is under home arrest and only gets around in a tracker.

A video of Hajia 4 Real in a tracker has recently surfaced on social media.

Hajia 4 cleverly concealed the tracker in her long boots, but the spot puffed up.

A close inspection reveals that the shape and size of her legs are not the same.

Her left leg, where she had hidden the tracker, appeared swollen and larger.

Following the discovery of her tracker, social media users are presently trolling her.

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