Actress, movie producer, and politician Funke Akindele has made a public appeal ahead of the impending general elections this weekend across Nigeria after being ignored and not supported by her peers in the film business.

Kemi FIlani remembers that Funke Akindele’s coworkers, including best friend Eniola Badmus, have been politically divided over their support for chosen presidential and governorship candidates ever since she emerged as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos’ deputy governorship candidate.

Despite the fact that Eniola Badmus congratulated Funke on her appointment, the two have avoided one another on social media, particularly in comments made in favor of their respective candidates.

In a recent Instagram post, Funke Akindele instructed her followers on how to support her party in the upcoming election.

The box office diva explained how to cast a vote for her party honestly and correctly.

“The general elections have arrived at last!

Yeah, we have all been made aware of how crucial it is for us to cast informed ballots in a situation like this, but it is also crucial that we are all properly informed on how to ensure that our votes are counted accurately.

The future of our wonderful nation, Nigeria, will be decided by your votes in the upcoming election. Make it count, then!

We must choose wisely this time.
We must choose a good leader who is accountable and people-oriented.
The time has finally come!

We pray for a free and fair election from the 25th of February.

Be wise!
Be educated!
Vote PDP!

VOTE WISELY!” Funke Akindele appealed.

Eniola Badmus and other movie stars shun Funke Akindele

Many of Funke Akindele’s colleagues in the film business have distanced themselves from her political ambition since she surfaced as Jandor’s running mate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Lagos State.

Kemi Filani investigated and discovered that none of her colleagues, not even her on-again, off-again bosom buddy, Eniola Badmus, had shared Funke Akindele’s political aspirations on their Instagram profiles or campaigned for her.

Allowing Funke Akindele to campaign alone without assistance from the entertainment industry, the most of them chose to align with the dominant party in Lagos State, the All Progressives Congress (APC).


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