Hajia Bintu Shows Off Her New Jeep To Celebrate Her Birthday

Hajia Bintu Shows Off Her New Jeep To Celebrate Her Birthday


Hajia Bintu, a Tiktok star and social media influencer from Ghana, is said to have received a pristine all-white jeep from a random benefactor to commemorate her 24th birthday.

The attractive female personality was born on November 30, 1998, making her exactly 24 years old today, a significant milestone worth celebrating.

Hajia Bintu, born Naomi Asiamah, became a web sensation not because of her rare abilities, but because of her enormously attractive body shape, which has caused many men to fall in love with her.

During her early fame, a large number of guys flooded her DMs to propose love to her, but the wonderful thought of being in a pleasurable relationship with her came to a halt when they realized she was above their pay grade, so only men with deep pockets could contain her desires.

In her birthday-themed photos, she positioned herself close to the vehicle and flaunted her body, which drew the attention of many internet users.

Hajia Bintu wore a stylish custom-made dark jumpsuit woven with gleaming emeralds that embraced her figure.

Her cleavages were firmly heaped on her chest to enliven the birthday photos.

Take a look at the photos below to learn more…

Not long ago, the socialite allegedly acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV after displaying her most memorable car, a Jaguar.

Remember how, after Hajia Bintu paraded her Jaguar on the internet a few months ago, social media users strongly suggested that her Naija trip paid for her new ride?

This new wheel drive has sparked more social media speculation about her alleged activities.

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