A beautiful Nigerian woman played a trick on a man by quietly alerting him that she wants to have sexual relations with him.

She boldly approached him where he was sitting and handed him a letter directing him to meet her in a hotel room.

What the man did next caused a social media frenzy and dissatisfied a portion of internet users.

A Nigerian man’s response to a stranger’s desire to get down with him left folks disappointed.

In a TikTok video, a mysterious woman approached him where he was sitting and handed him a note without speaking.

The note reads;

“Am *** please meet me in Room 404.”
Without hesitation, the man stood up and turned a corner as he tried to catch up with the lady who was already miles ahead of him.
Mixed reactions have trailed the clip which has hit over 2 million views.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions
“One Man down…. We need replacement as a matter of urgency.”
Oscar 254 ooyindo@gmail.com said:
Adebayo Ismail Kayode said:

“I could have done exactly the same, never try us aalaah.”
victor uko out said:
“Pls we need an immediate search response team for we just lost one of our men.”
Pajerry said:
“The girl is too beautiful for the temptation, God will not allow temptation we can’t overcome to come closer to us.”
Nana said:
“He failed the brotherhood.”
Chris Ug said:
“The day you comot eye 4 da tin is the day your name go become wisdom.”
Ajobiolanrewaju said:

“Rip for one of our innocent brother we loved you but GOD know the best.”
Okada man rejects lady’s offer to sleep with her
Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that an okada man had rejected a lady’s offer to sleep with her.
The lady, in a video shared on TikTok, spotted an okada man, walked up to him, and handed him a note.
“Can we have s*ex? Follow me,” the note read.
The okada man simply read it, tore the paper and focused on his business , quite to the lady’s surprise.
She had stood at a distance watching to see his reaction and was quite disappointed.


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