He’s just being aggressive – Mabel Makun, comedian AY’s wife, reacts after Basketmouth claims he and AY were never friends (Video)

Mable Makun, the wife of popular Nigerian comedian, AY in a latest post on social media has reacted following Basketmouth recent comment about his beef with her husband in new interview.

Basketmouth was an invited guest on “The Honest Bunch Podcast” hosted by media personality, Nedu Wazobia and 3 others and by extension addresses the 30k story kickstarted by his ex-colleague, Comedian AY.

In the interview, Basketmouth claims that 90% of what AY said in his interview with Chude Jideonwo was a lie as he noted that AY didn’t attended any gig to cover for him rather the 30k story was when Alibaba calls him and asked him to check AY up for the Laffs n Jamz comedy show.

Basketmouth further disclosed that him and AY were never friends as he asserts that they never visited each other house talkless of hanging out together.

Basketmouth said; “Ay is not my friend, I didn’t invite him nor his wife to my wedding, they just came themselves. I only invited my friends.”

Reacting to this, Mabel Makun defends her husband AY as she noted that Basketmouth is just being aggressive during the interview.

She wrote; “I have come to realize that some people pass information in an aggressive manner because they know no other way.”

She added; “Everyone can’t be soft spoken. Understand this and know peace ✅.” See her post below;

See reactions below;

joyekaette: Don’t you think it’s best not to involve yourself? Let the men handle it themselves.

veevogee: Make she leave this matter For AY and Basketmouth. They’ll sort themselves out. My happiness be say non of them dey depend on the other for survival.

chizzymichael_: He is jealous of AY. Basket mouth is a good comedian. His jokes are better than AY. However, God blessed AY with great marketing skills, AY is a strategic thinker and planner. He knows how to bring people together, and he earned many loyal friends. He is humble. AY keeps making things happen. Basketmouth with his ego and pride can’t pull the kind of crowd AY does. The thing dey vex him eeehhh😂.

idemudia200: Wentin concern u for men matter….lack home training.

prettyeseosa321: As he begin shake leg Dey talk na I knw say na very hateful being.

frabjous_x: My advice to AY is for him to move on, there’s no need extending olive branch to basketmouth because from all indications the basketmouth sef doesn’t have a forgiving spirit, AY is already a big brand so he doesn’t need him to succeed, if God can elevate his career to this level God can still do more, he should free this matter and just Dey on him lane, last last everybody will be fine 👌.

toryvillage: Basket Mouth Said He and AY Has Never taken Pictures together, Fat lie, i just Post their old picture together .😂 not everyone you talk with is your friend, being Colleagues never means you both are or were friends as well and AY never said Basket mouth was his friend. This beef looks like an Envious one. God will help them both, No be tomorrow when one of them kpai they will start forming fake love online, Life is Deep and life is nothing to hold grudges unto the next person. Its cool to have beef but don’t do it from the bottom of H@te and Jealousy. Wish them well.

rikkyflefle: He dey talk deep down he pain am cos if bro ay wan talk he go laff all through 😂 this one con be like say he wan cry 😂 in between this Ay Easter show dey vex am … cos which one be he wan sell ticket… he no dey sell before… u people should ignore him Abeg.

In case you missed it, Watch the Basketmouth interview below (Swipe to view);


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