"I am a strong woman," Denrele declares proudly as he dresses up for Women's Day.

“I am a strong woman,” Denrele declares proudly as he dresses up for Women’s Day.

Denrele Edun, a famous Nigerian crossdresser, has declared himself with a bold female outfit as he celebrates Women’s Day.

Denrele celebrated his fond memories by posting multiple photos of himself, his sibling, and his mother on Instagram.

Denrele claims he is a strong woman because he was born and raised by one, and he is dedicating his beautiful photographs to his mother.

“I am a Strong WOMAN because I was raised by a Strong WOMAN.

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY; Today, we honor the strength, determination, and resilience of women all over the world.

May we get to know all the strong women out there. We hope to be them. Can we bring them up?

My WCW is right on the last two slides: I owe my MUM everything I am and hope to be!
(Mama Rele, MFM Prayer Warrior!).

For this shoot, I channeled my inner mother.

My Mum is breathtakingly beautiful (See slide 9/10), so I didn’t slay it on a, but the Apple isn’t far from the Tree!

(These stunning images were from my 40th birthday! I’m fine as a man, and I’m fine as a woman…. “Na Androgynous I am, I am not a kee person!”

Denrele Edun discusses being an androgyne.

Denrele Edun, according to Kemi Filani News, took to social media to reveal he is an androgynous person while displaying his true personality.

An androgyne is a person who exhibits characteristics of both genders, masculine and feminine, in their speech, clothing, or psychology.

Furthermore, a man with a soft heart can have an androgynous personality, as opposed to a society where men are naturally strong-hearted and cannot be emotionally swayed.

According to Denrele, he has a strong masculine side to take care of his feminine side; this simply means he is an independent person (masculine) who is always hustling to maintain his flamboyant lifestyle (feminine), to the point where he is capable of purchasing a diamond for himself.

“A Glamorous Declaration of Independence,” he wrote. I am my own Sugar Daddy; I have a strong Masculine side that is meant to look after my Feminine side. Do you want diamonds today?
I can do it all by myself!”

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