A pastor from Abuja informed his audience that he brought an AK-47 with him to the altar.

The incident that occurred during the second service stirred up the congregation.

According to PUNCH, while carrying an AK-47 weapon, the pastor cautiously approached the altar as many members of his congregation exchanged glances in an attempt to comprehend what was occurring.

Aware of the tension he had generated, the pastor approached the lectern without glancing at his congregation.

As he attempted to open his Bible, however, the minister smirked and stated, “Some folks are waiting for my trouble. And I arrived well-prepared.

“Today, some pastors with the gift of prophecy engage in the practice of tearing people. For this reason, we should carry firearms and defend ourselves. I shall be arriving very soon to wake up those of you sleeping in the chapel.”

His statement elicited laughs from the entire congregation as he began his sermon on “Guard your hearts from false instructors” and “faith without works is dead.”

It was unknown whether or not the gun he brandished was loaded.


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