“I can’t kill myself because things have become difficult for me,” a groundnut seller in good shape says as she dances with a tray on her head in a viral video.

In a TikTok video, a nice groundnut vendor was seen using dance to entertain onlookers.

The woman can be seen dancing slickly and adorably with her waist in the 16-second clip tweeted by @ndd4rius90.
She claimed that, despite her many problems, she is unable to commit suicide. As a result, she may find happiness through dancing.

The video of a groundnut vendor dancing in public has gone viral.

The woman began by shifting her body gently with very nice waist motions. Someone who saw her at that point began shouting because the woman can dance well. She progressed from waist dance to full-body movement. Her excellent hand movements and grins were obvious when she turned to face the camera.

The other hawkers in the room stared in awe as she danced, and one of them even joined her on stage. Dancing enthusiasts who saw the video on TikTok praised her.

TikTok users’ reactions: @Ernest Tettey Nartey said:

“Happiness is a gift.”

@abena Mary’s reaction was as follows:

“Happiness and work. We pray to God to keep them safe out there.”

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