Chioma Chijioke, a heartbroken Nollywood actress, has requested prayers from her fans, colleagues, and loved ones as she mourns the loss of her husband.

The comic actor, who is still in denial, stated that her husband’s passing felt like a dream.

But reality struck when she saw him wrapped from head to toe, and when she called out to him, he did not respond.

Chioma claimed that she does not know how to navigate the route that God has laid out for her.

“It looked like a dream, but this morning I discovered it wasn’t. I saw my best friend, my love, the crown above my heart, my spouse, but he was ice cold with sheets covering him from head to toe. I called, but he did not respond; I touched him, but he was ice cold; he did not stand up; and he did not touch me in return. Please include us in your prayers as I’ve lost my husband to the icy grasp of death. I have no idea how to navigate the route that God has laid out for me; I am looking up to him alone. I am broken”.


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