Yul Edochie urges Nigerians to unite.

“I lived in Lagos and built my house…” – Yul Edochie urges Nigerians to unite.

Yul Edochie, a veteran Nollywood actor, has called for Nigerian unity while condemning tribalism in the country.

This follows statements allegedly made by Gbadebo Rohdes Vivour, the Labour Party’s gubernatorial candidate in Lagos state (GRV).

According to reports, GRV made a tribalistic and offensive statement on Twitter to Yorubas.

“Lagos is no man’s land,” he reportedly said.

Yul Edochie spoke about his positive experiences in Lagos state, which included building a house, living for over a decade, and the accommodating spirit of the Yorubas.

“I’ve been in Lagos since 2011,” he wrote.
In Lagos, I built my house.
I have never experienced any form of hatred or rejection from Yorubas.
When Yoruba boys see me on the street, they gather to greet me, and it’s always all love.
And the notion that Lagos is a no-land man’s is incorrect.
Lagos is a Yoruba state in Yoruba territory.
Consider the statement that Anambra is a no-land. man’s That’s nonsense.
Anambra is Igbo territory.
You can’t just walk into someone’s property and tell them it’s now a no-land. man’s
You’re always getting into trouble.
Nobody can deny that the Igbos have made significant contributions to the development of Lagos.
Other tribes have also contributed in their own unique ways.
The Yorubas have also been largely accommodating.
It should not be forgotten that Lagos is a Yoruba land. We’re not dragging ownership.
Let us eliminate tribalism before it eliminates us.

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