I look way more beautiful and prettier when I cover my body – Olosho Mandykiss, former President of Olosho, speaks after rebranding (Video)

Former president of Olosho Mandykiss in a recent video disclosed that she looks prettier and more beautiful when she does not expose her body

The Instagram influencer who openly describes herself as the ‘president of prostitutes, stated this in a video shared on her Instagram page recently.

This comes just days after she announced her decision to turn over a new leaf and leave her wild past behind.

She also revealed that she is on a mission to rebrand and become a better version of herself. According to her, her past actions were driven by the need to make ends meet.

Speaking in a new clip, Mandy stated that she always thought she could only be attractive to men when she posts raunchy photos of herself online. However, she has now come to realize that she looks way better when she wears decent clothes.

Mandy, who frequently flaunts her cleavage and backside on social media, stated that the days of sharing sexy photos online to attract men are long gone.

She also advised ladies that they don’t have to expose their bodies in order to be labeled a ‘slay queen,’ as they can cover up and still look nice.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

leaddyskincare: Dressing decently is classy and makes you look beautiful as ever! It can never be overrated. Showing sensitive or private parts doesn’t make you beautiful in anyway. Know this and have peace😊.

sir_eltee: It’s good she realised that you don’t need to expose your body to be noticed or feel attractive.

culturalqueenafricapageant’:  So many hate speech coming from same gender😢.

chommyscollectionn: Happy for her though, being beautiful is more than revealing cleavages. You can cover up and still be sexy. Uncovered meal only attract flies. You are addressed the way you re dressed.

evacomedytv_:  Thank you for accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and savior….Next please !

presh___xx:  She said it all 🥰 📌so you’d attract a better nigga not a fuckmate 🥵😂.

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