TikTok Video of Nigerian Lady Who Looks Like a Man Goes Viral, Shows Her Masculine Appearance

“I’m a Woman”: TikTok Video of Nigerian Lady Who Looks Like a Man Goes Viral, Shows Her Masculine Appearance

On TikTok, a smart Nigerian woman who looks and acts exactly like a man has gained popularity.

Contrary to what many people who don’t know her might think, the woman stated unequivocally in a video that she is a woman.
The woman, a barber, competed in the Miss Teen Nigeria Beauty Pageant in 2010, but did not win the title.

A TikTok video depicted a Nigerian woman who physically resembled a male.

In a video shared by @cummonman, the woman spoke with a masculine air and other similar characteristics.

The woman, Tolani, claimed to be a female barber who is currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Nigerian lady with a masculine appearance
Those who wanted to believe otherwise were taken aback when she made it clear in the video that she is a woman.

One aspect of the film that drew attention was her manner of speaking, which suggested that she was knowledgeable. People who saw the video said she had a confident demeanor and spoke fluent English.

Tolani stated that she requires a smartphone because she does not have a dependable phone. In the comments section, someone offered to buy her one.

Tolani tried out for the Miss Teen Nigeria 2010 Beauty Pageant but was unsuccessful, according to the video.

TikTok users’ responses

“She speaks so well,” @—geedee said. God will provide for you, dear.”

“Who else notices she sounds exactly like Zino with the voice and expression?” said @FEMO LALA.

“She specks fluently; her skin is the definition of Brown skin girl,” said @Adunni Ade. She has model characteristics. I hope the helper finds you.”

@Halleluyah “Awwn Tolani…I know her,” Ezekiel Tope Damiki said. free spirit… I remember times when I was almost in trouble for some reason…she was always there for me.”


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