"I'm Going Back to the Farm," a video of a female soldier crying and eating elicits massive reactions.

“I’m Going Back to the Farm,” a video of a female soldier crying and eating elicits massive reactions.

A video of a female soldier sobbing surfaced on social media, sparking debate.

They were puzzled because the officer was sobbing while eating.
On social media, some people made amusing remarks about the cop, while others complained about how difficult it is to work for the police.

A viral video of a female soldier in uniform sobbing has elicited a wide range of reactions. The cop who discovered the “skin” haircut was shown sobbing while eating in a brief clip posted on the social media site TikTok.

She told the female soldier to stop crying, and she could hear someone chuckling in the background. The soldier continued to cry but refused to accept comfort. A description of the female soldier’s outfit indicates that she is a member of the Ghanaian army.

The TikToker who posted the video was perplexed as to why the soldier was crying and eating at the same time.

Reactions on social media
“I surrender, I’m going back to the farm,” Luzackbaby83 said.

“She’s even eating gently, ideal soja!” said naaperrio.

“Na Garry, this girl de suffer like this, pass me the first aid jooh,” Queen Mirabel52 said.

“They just thought after 6 months training they would start paying and so on,” God Fav Son explained, “so everyone just stood up and went just Dey play.”

“But even if they come,” Princess said, “people don’t respect them.”

“My father is a wicked man paaso this is what he wants me to go through,” Akogo Forgive said.

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