• A young lady recently took to the Internet to accuse kid skit creator Kiriku of running away from home and leaving her and their mother.
  • In response to the lady’s claim, Kiriku and his management have given her an ultimatum: erase her bogus allegations or prepare to appear in court.
  • But, the young woman has now returned to retract her false accusations, stating that she only made them because she is a tremendous fan of the young comic.

This is not the first time someone has made false charges about a celebrity online. Kiriku, a rapidly-rising comedian and skit-maker, is the most recent public figure to fall prey to such a malicious charge.

A young woman claimed Kiriku was her younger brother on TikTok a few days earlier.

She further said that since Kiriku received his big break, he had abandoned her, her sister, and their mother.

But, the management of the eight-year-old child who created the skit has stepped out to contradict the woman’s falsehoods. The lady was given a 240-hour ultimatum to come forward and retract her false claim.

She had now returned to retract her bogus accusation, stating that she was unaware that her fictitious post would go viral.

See her new video taking back her false allegations while begging for Kiriku’s forgiveness:


Click here to See Video Here

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