Details Drop As Deborah Seyram Adablah And Deacon Nimako Court Case Commences – Check Out What Went Down

Information Are Being Withheld As Deborah Seyram Adablah And Deacon Nimako’s Court Case Begins – Find Out What Happened

The explosive court struggle between a sidechick and her sugar daddy began on Thursday, February 16th, 2023.

Deborah Seyram Adablah took her sugar daddy to court for breaking commitments he made to her while they were dating.

They include a monthly allowance of Ghc 3,000, use of a car and an apartment, and funds to establish a business.

Deborah asks the court to order Nimako to fulfill all of his commitments after he ceased doing so when their relationship split apart.

Both parties attended in court on Thursday, but action was limited since the trial judge ordered both parties to provide written statements by February 23, 2023.

The case was also rescheduled on the same day.

The matter is currently before the Accra High Court’s General Jurisdiction, which is presided over by Judge Olivia Obeng Owusu.

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