“Is It A Crime To Be Disabled?”- Jigan Babaoja threatens a $100 million lawsuit against singer Mohbad in order to set a good example for others (Video)

Jigan Babaoja, who is known for his comedic roles in Nigerian movies, has become the subject of controversy after Mohbad, a rising star in the Nigerian music industry, mocked him in one of his songs. The lyrics, which roughly translate to “You’re shaking like Jigan. Thank you, Jigan, you’re the best,” were seen by many as insensitive and ableist, as Jigan has a physical disability that affects his movement.

In response to the insult, Jigan has vowed to take legal action against Mohbad and has already instructed his lawyers to file a lawsuit seeking N100 million in damages. The actor has said that he wants to use this case to send a strong message to other artists and entertainers that it is not acceptable to make fun of people with disabilities or anyone else for that matter.

Jigan’s decision to sue Mohbad has sparked a heated debate on social media, with some people supporting him and others criticizing him for taking legal action. Some have argued that the lawsuit is excessive and that Jigan should have just ignored the insult or responded with his own music. Others have praised him for standing up for himself and other people with disabilities who are often marginalized and ridiculed in Nigerian society.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, it has highlighted the need for greater sensitivity and awareness around disability issues in Nigeria, as well as the power of music and entertainment to influence social attitudes and behaviors.

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