Destiny Etiko, a well-known Nollywood actress, used her latest Instagram picture to celebrate the beginning of a new month, and she also revealed in the caption that August is her birth month.

She accompanied her message with a photograph of herself wearing an all-black ensemble. She displayed her new appearance with a fresh blonde hairstyle that looks amazing on her.

She is someone who likes to flaunt her beauty on social media, and she did so this time by wearing a black outfit to celebrate the beginning of her birth month, which is the new month. She debuted with a new blonde hairstyle and makeup that matched her skin tone.

She announced her birth month of August in her caption. She stated, “Leo season is here.” Salutations to my natal month! “Happy new month, fortunate family!” This caption and image grabbed the attention of her followers, who responded and voiced their opinions.

Many of her followers who responded welcomed her to the new month, while others wished her a happy birthday in advance, as her birthday was approaching on August 12th.


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