Mabel Makun, an interior designer and the wife of comedian AY Makun, has been shaken by the violence in various voting places.

The mother of two expressed her feelings over the 2023 general election in Caroline Danjuma’s comment area.

Caroline had published a message encouraging Nigerians to continue fighting for their rights.

As a result of intimidation and rigging at a number of polling stations, she added, a large number of people have been left broken, unhappy, and despondent.

She gave them hope by reminding them of the country’s hunger, unemployment, struggles, and miseries.

She instructed them to fight until the end and win.

“I am aware that many of you are broken, depressed, or losing hope as a result of the intimidation or evident rigging….this is exactly what they want, they want you to give up.

Recall the hunger, unemployment, and hardships that you and your parents have endured. The hardships caused by uncaring individuals.

This should serve as motivation: WE FIGHT TO FINISH AND WE WILL WIN.

We will not accept a victory won dishonestly. We do not accept a contentious election…. We do not engage in social media warfare. We are Nigerian citizens”.

Mabel Makun disclosed that she is traumatized in a comment underneath her post.

“I am traumatized”.

Chioma Akpotha cries out in fear as thugs attack her polling unit

Chioma Akpotha was attacked by thugs at her polling location, according to Naijabio.

After being attacked at her polling station in Lagos, the actress cried out in fear.

Although she did not name her location, Chioma Akpotha disclosed that she was mistreated by her peers.

The actress, who was live on Instagram, filmed the moment political thugs disrupted and scattered ballot boxes at her polling location.

Many voters at the voting station were observed fleeing for safety, while others were observed confronting the thugs.

Armed personnel restored order at her polling location, allowing voters to cast their ballots in an orderly manner.

Chioma was not the only celebrity to be assaulted at her polling location. Falz, a musician, was also assaulted and his phone was taken.


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