Popular Nollywood actress, Joy King, has got tongues wagging with her latest pictures on Instagram where she shows off her new looks to her fans and tells them the pictures are for their eyes only.

The stunning actress has recently been sharing photos of herself in various outfits and hairstyles, and she has done so again with her new photos, which feature her blonde hairstyle that matches the color of her leggings.

The actress enjoys giving her fans something to think about on a regular basis, which is why you will always see her in different looks and outfits. She stood out once more with her new blonde hairstyle that matched the color of her leggings, and she wore a black top that matched the color of her black sneakers.

She wrote a simple caption in which she informed her fans that her new looks were solely for their eyes. “For your eyes only,” she said. This statement sent her Instagram followers into a frenzy as they kept a close eye on her photos.

Joy King is very good at capturing people’s attention, as she has demonstrated on numerous occasions by sharing pictures of herself with the intent of showing off her new looks to her fans.

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