Kisa Gbekle and Afia Schwarzenegger both have the same plastic surgeon in Turkey.

Kisa Gbekle and Afia Schwarzenegger both have the same plastic surgeon in Turkey.


Afia Schwarzenegger and Kisa Gbekle both have the same plastic surgeon.

Dr. Sekan Balta, the plastic surgeon who performed her liposuction and tummy tuck procedures in Turkey, has been consistently praised by Kisa Gbekle.

She frequently posts videos and images to her Instagram and YouTube pages, either to thank the doctor or to recommend him to others.

However, the same doctor was identified on Afia Schwarzenegger’s page, where she identified him as her personal physician.

Afia, who is in Istanbul, Turkey, for dental, hair, knee, and other body part repairs, was photographed in a clinic with that specific doctor in the background.

“The best surgeon in the world has arrived. I’ve heard a lot about you and have always wanted to meet you. Meet Dr. Serkan Balta, my personal doctor and boss. Known as the surgeon’s surgeon. He is the owner of Elit International hair clinic and Istanbul’s best clinic, and he performs all types of cosmetic and medical surgeries. In all of his facilities, he also employs the best doctors in Turkey,” Afia said as she shared the video.

She also shared documents in which she claimed to be the surgeon’s facility’s brand ambassador.

“The influencer terms and agreement are meant to outline the understanding of the influencer Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa and the facilitator. “The contracting parties agree as follows,” according to portions of the document seen on Afia’s page.

“You wish you had my life…

It’s known as influencing…

Your hatred will not prevent God from blessing me or from signing international deals, so mature. I’m a global brand influencer… In fact, the best from Ghana. DEAL WITH IT,” she wrote in the document’s caption.

Not long after, Kisa Gbekle, who appears to be in Turkey, posted a video on her Instagram page of herself goofing off with the surgeon.

“I can’t come to Turkey without showing you the sexiest, the best in the whole world. (She removes her jacket) Take a look at my body. Is it still exploding? Is it still pleasant? (wiggles her buttocks)”

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