Kisa Gbekle Reportedly Sleeping Over At Afia Schwar's Home Because She Couldn't Pay Her Rent - Video Exposes Her

Kisa Gbekle Reportedly Sleeping Over At Afia Schwar’s Home Because She Couldn’t Pay Her Rent – Video Exposes Her

Kisa Gbekle, a Ghanaian slay queen and actress, is allegedly sleeping over at Afia Schwarzenegger’s house after failing to pay her rent.

On Thursday morning, Afia Schwar took Nana Tornado to the gutters, which was filmed in a live video. Kisa can be heard as a backing vocalist in the video, assisting her benefactor.

Following Afia Schwarzenegger’s live video yesterday morning, there are false rumors that actress Kisa Gbekle is having a sleepover in Afia Schwar’s residence and was there in the early hours of Thursday.

There are rumors that Kisa Gbekle is having difficulty paying her rent, which she claimed a long ago was around GHC 45,000 per year.

When the going gets tough, Kisa Gbekle says she occasionally asks her friends for money to pay her rent.

Meanwhile, she just spent over GHC60,000 on herself when she traveled to Turkey for b*tt surgery.

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