Korede Bello on How I Feel When People Say I Won't Reign Again

Korede Bello on How I Feel When People Say I Won’t Reign Again

Between 2014 and 2016, Nigerian singer Korede Bello was the talk of the town, thanks to a string of hits such as “Godwin,” “Romantic,” “Do Like That,” and MAVIN hits such as “Dorobucci,” “Adaobi,” and others. Korede Bello was the rage at the time, and people were dying for him. Then time passed, and he kinda left the scene for a while, and other artists came along, and culture changed, and as these things go, he was no longer the man of the hour as he was when he first broke out. Things like this happen. It happens that everyone is a buzzing new artiste at one point and then becomes a veteran later on. But how does Korede Bello react when he hears people say that?

Korede Bello opened up about how he feels when people say he’s no longer king or when he hears negative comments about himself in a new interview with Hip TV. Korede Bello stated the following.
Korede Bello explained how he feels when he hears such negative comments about himself:

KOREDE BELLO: Hello. It’s intriguing because you mentioned how you feel. As a result, humans are emotional beings. We are human because we have the ability to feel. So I will continue to feel things that have a biological reaction, despite my will. But I’ve also come to the realization in my own human journey that what people say is not up to me, and it’s their selective or objective experience. It is now up to me what I say and how I choose to feel or react to what they say, and I only focus on what I can control. So bear with me as I paint this analogy. Because we are here in the afternoon, the sun is shining in Lagos, Nigeria. So we’re enjoying the sun. But I can assure you that there is another part of the world where they are seeing moonlight. So, if people in Lagos say, “Oh, we haven’t seen the moon in the past 12 hours, the moon is no longer shining, the moon is no longer reigning,” that’s just their limited experience. However, some people are seeing the moon where it is. So there’s nothing to argue about. “Oh, they’re right, they haven’t seen you, that’s good,” they say. But I’ve been seeing myself, and the people who have seen me have seen me. And those who are having moon experiences are having moon experiences. It’s simply a matter of time. But I’m a human being, and sometimes I see something and think, “hmm, that’s where you are, okay, that’s good,” but it doesn’t bother me because I know I didn’t start this life with people’s approval. I’m on my own timeline, and I’m going to stick with it because that’s why I’m here.

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