A young villager starts a business with N5k and shares her success story

“Make N100k in 6 months” – A young villager starts a business with N5k and shares her success story (Video)

A young woman described starting her puff puff (ball-shaped, deep-fried doughnut) business with just N5,000 and turning a tidy profit.

A young woman who uses the video-sharing app TikTok said she made N100,000 in six months by frying edibles in a small pot.
She then left her village, armed with her “Ghana Must Leave” bag and N10,000. She claimed that after giving God N5k of the money, she used the remaining N5k to sell her puff puff on the streets.

Her company grew to the point where she began making minor changes and claiming progress.

The woman admitted that she was not quite where she wanted to be, but she thanked God for her progress and expressed excitement about the day she would open a bakery.

Many of the video’s viewers praised the young, devoted woman. People shared their thoughts on the article in the comments section. Here are a few examples of responses:

“Keep growing dear,” Marvel king said.

“You are an inspiration to the masses, bigger you, I pray,” Hajja Sumy said.

“This girl,” succulent stated. You are an inspiration. You didn’t expect a lot of money, but you got a lot of ambition, which you’re still using to grow. If only others could.

“That’s what I pray for,” Namayemba Mirika said.

“More strength,” user838060659077 8 said.

“Proud of you girl, keep winning,” shania praised.

“Congratulations, you are doing so well for yourself,” JEWELSTITCHES and COLLECTIONS said. May God continue to reward your efforts, and by God’s grace, your pastry shop will be next”.

“Much love, dear,” Fiona Wealth said. God bless you abundantly”.

“I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you,” queensassyb said.

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