“Mother, you don’t win” – An elderly woman participates in Ayra Starr’s’sability’ challenge, and her change delights many (Video)

A video of an elderly woman dancing to Nigerian superstar Ayra Starr’s famous song, Sability, has gone viral on social media.

Ayra Starr’s current single, ‘Sability,’ has progressively climbed the streaming charts and taken over the airways since its release.

Because of the song’s groovy character, various social media content creators and dancers have pounced on what is now known as the #SabilityChallenge in an attempt to create their own creative interpretations of the song.

The elderly woman is the latest to join the trend, which has many people excited online.

Her charisma was the pinnacle of the elderly one’s metamorphosis. She was observed happy and dancing to the music.

Social media users branded her as the winner of the #SabilityChallenge after seeing her video.


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