MzGee Drags Amanda Jissih One Again After Squashing Beef On United Showbiz

MzGee Drags Amanda Jissih One Again After Squashing Beef On United Showbiz

MzGee, a media personality, has turned to social media to criticize her colleague Amanda Jissih after they resolved their feud on the United Showbiz Show over the weekend.

MzGee has uploaded a contentious video in which she expresses gratitude to God for not receiving validation from social media.

MzGee says she can’t abide the hypocrisy on social media street.

This comes after MzGee reconciled with Amanda Jissih on UTV’s United Showbiz Show.

On the episode, MzGee and Amanda clashed for the second time. This time, the two ladies discussed their long-standing feud.

While MzGee refused to discuss the origins of their feud, Amanda stated that MzGee began having problems with her and has been at odds with her because of Doreen Avio.

MzGee, according to Amanda Jissih, has projected any difficulty she has with Dorern Avio onto her because they are friends.

Amanda admitted that she had tried to befriend MzGee but that she had always neglected her.

Although MzGee did not divulge the major reason for their feud, she did add that Amanda Jissih came out to bash her when a video TT sent her pleading for leftover food leaked, but she did nothing after the whole truth was revealed.

The show’s host, Abeiku Santana, prompted the two media celebrities to reconcile and hug, but it appears MzGee did it because she was on TV and didn’t mean it because she is back shadding Amanda on social media.

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