Shugatiti, a Ghanaian socialite and nudist, feels that no man can satisfy her sexual desires in bed because she is insatiable.

Shugatiti admitted that she had slept with numerous guys, but she has yet to find true satisfaction in coitus.

No amount of sexual pleasure from hours of strokes, she claimed, would take her to the pinnacle of climax.

She added that, despite having a tremendous libido and being nearly always ready for sex, she had yet to meet a man who will make her cum.

She openly claimed that no man in the world could help her climb the hills of sexual satisfaction, given the number of men who, despite their intense desire, failed to accomplish so.

Surprisingly, Shugatiti said that she still has a high sexual drive and will not stop exploring herself, having more fun in bed, and allowing men to make out with her in the sake of sexual satisfaction.

She also boasted about her bedroom prowess and her impressive energy levels, which left the men wanting more of her.

“You can’t satisfy me because I’ve never had a cum and don’t have orgasms.” When I contacted my doctor about it, he said it was normal because not all women have orgasms.

“Since I don’t experience climax, trying to make me feel wonderful is out; you just have to match our level of activity till we fatigue.

“I enjoy having sex; I enjoy being soaked; I enjoy the penetration and the way things go in and out. I also prefer to work long hours, such as all day. I don’t feel tired at all. The reality is that everyone with whom I’ve had sexual encounters has fallen short of my expectations, she told ZionFelix in an interview.

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