Amarachi Amusi, often known as Ashmusy, a content creator and writer of skits, disclosed that she turned down an offer of N20 million to post and vote for a particular presidential candidate.

Although she did not name names, the Entertainer claimed on her verified Instagram page that she would not sell her soul to the devil for money.

Ashmusy added that, for the sake of her family, she could not accept the advertisement offer.

She wrote: “Confession, I was offered between N10 and N20 million for a single political position. (For the other candidate we do not wish to employ). It was enticing, I won’t deny that.

Yet, I am aware that I will be selling my soul to the devil and that my children, grandkids, relatives, and loved ones would be suffering in the country. Because I made the foolish choice to post/vote for the incorrect individual. I said a big no!

So even the wealthy are suffering in our country. How can I work so hard to earn money in naira if the naira continues to sink like clear water every day? If you convert the amount to pounds or dollars, you will weep. Please forget, as we are all exhausted. Abeg. “

The actress from Enugu who is known for mixing emotional or tragic content with a dash of humor said that she knew she would become wealthy and famous at the age of 16.

In a recent interview, she stated, “When I was 16 years old, I wrote in my diary that I would become a Hollywood celebrity. Even that was my fantasy. I am a really ambitious individual. I have always known that I will become a major celebrity, and I am only getting started. I have a talent for acting. I can play any role, at any moment, on any day. It is a tremendous talent that I have not even begun to display because it’s so chaotic in there.”

The controversial content creator described the industry and its growth process as follows: “The industry is good if you are eager to push. But if you observe certain events, you may become disheartened. If you look at some of the things mentioned about some individuals, you may be offended. But if you know yourself and your goals, and you are motivated to take action and achieve that goal, you will succeed. The market is robust. You can develop in it. You can succeed without looking at anyone or paying attention to what they say.”

Ashmusy, who holds a degree in Medical Anatomy from Madonna University and has over 1.4 million Instagram followers, advocates for more women to get cosmetic surgery.

First and foremost, I am not a big fan of cosmetic surgery. It was performed only once, and it was liposuction, which is no longer noteworthy. Just removing fat from the stomach. I am not huge on it like you say. It became popular for a time. I have no opinion on it. I am not too keen. It is acceptable if you wish to do it to boost your confidence and improve your appearance. If you simply want to exercise and embrace your body as it is, that is also acceptable. I am delighted I did mine and I am good. According to me, fashion is looking good in one’s own way. Simply put, looking attractive is excellent for business. I enjoy looking hot, sensual, and stylish, depending on the occasion. I enjoy looking well and slaying to the fullest degree.”



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