Pastor Nduka Anyanwu was sentenced to life in prison by Justice Abiola Soladoye of the Lagos State Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Court in Ikeja on Tuesday for defiling and impregnating two young girls in the state.

On August 3, 2020, the state government charged the 51-year-old cleric with defiling the girls inside the church complex on Arowojobe Street in the Oshodi region of the state.

In her decision, Soladoye characterized the pastor as morally bankrupt and ruled that the prosecution witnesses’ testimony was credible and consistent.

She however criticized the authorities for failing to charge the girls’ parents alongside the convicted individual.

The judge deemed the parents irresponsible for inciting their children to be violated by the accused.

Soladoye stated, “On multiple occasions, one of the survivors complained to the parents about the behavior of the defendant.” She was assaulted and returned to the defendant’s residence.

“The prosecution has established the elements of the defendant’s morally bankrupt offenses.”


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