The wife of a pastor located in Kumasi went naked during a Tiktok live, as captured in a viral video that has left many social media users stunned and others utterly disgusted.

It is thought that the viral video was filmed just after the sofo maame returned home from church on Sunday afternoon, while she was still in the spirit.

In the beginning of the video, the sofo maame danced enthusiastically to the Christian hymn playing in the background.

However, the devil later possessed her, causing her to remove her slit, reveal her vajayjay, and then become fully naked by removing her kaba.

Despite the fact that a church song was playing in the background, she turned around to reveal her complete nudity.

As several netizens humorously remarked, the sofo maame has committed a double sin by stripping naked and playing a gospel music while conducting such an abhorrent deed.

Watch The Video Below:


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