Portable Omolalomi, a popular musician and artist, has taken to his official social media accounts to share his life experiences.

He added that he has been battling since he was a child and that he is a warrior, not a survivor. He stated that he began alone, persisted alone, failed alone, sobbed alone, and finally picked himself up alone.

Portable also stated that he will achieve success on his own and that individuals should never be frightened to move alone. He stated that a lion has no fear of walking alone and that he is still a “Portable Omolalomi Wahala Musician.”

His caption reads, “Since I was a child, I have been struggling. I am a warrior, not a survivor. I began alone, persisted alone, failed alone, wept alone, and then pulled myself up.

This post elicited internet responses from fans and celebrities, who provided various comments. A fan said, “Remain brilliant, my man.”

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