The Yoruba film industry would be incomplete without certain individuals, and Iya Niwe is one of those legendary actors. Iya Niwe, a well-known Nigerian Yoruba actress of the 1990s and early 2000s, is well-known for her comedic and captivating film performances.

Iya Niwe, a veteran Yoruba actress, is well-known for her outstanding portrayal of an elderly woman on screen. No other Yoruba actress, in my opinion, can do it as well as she does.

Iya Niwe flawlessly portrays her character and frequently adorns herself with charcoal paint and Yoruba traditional attire. She has appeared in a number of films and has convincingly acted and spoken as a grandmother. During her performances, her hilarious jokes and gestures never fail to entertain and captivate moviegoers.

Iya Niwe, a talented actress who is relatively low-profile and not very active on social media, has been absent from the screen for some time.

Despite this, Iya Niwe still has a passion for acting and recently appeared in a movie titled “Knockout,” produced by Wale Adenuga Films Production.

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