Sarah Martins accuses a netizen of cheating on Judy Austin's supposed ex-husband, Obasi.

Sarah Martins accuses a netizen of cheating on Judy Austin’s supposed ex-husband, Obasi.

Sarah Martins, a Nollywood actress, recently slammed an IG user who made an unwanted remark about her friend, Judy Austin.

Sarah Martins and the netizen got into an argument when the former resorted to Instagram to complain about the rate at which married women cheat on their spouses.

“The rate at which married women cheat, I don’t want to learn anything about married men and cheating any longer, please,” she wrote.

“It’s far worse in Port Harcourt… Later, they’ll start throwing sad parties.”

Taking advantage of the post, @tola ni20 on Instagram implied that her friend Judy Austin had done the same to her ex-husband, Mr Obasi.

“Similar way your buddy Judy cheated while married to Mr obasi,” she wrote.

Sarah Martins retaliated by hurling horrible words at the Instagram user.

“@tola ni20 na ogun go kee u… ewu,” wrote the actress.

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