A video of a Nigerian mother with face piercings, dyed teeth, and excessive cosmetics has gone viral.

The mother-child meeting was taken on film by a lady who appeared to be her daughter and posted on TikTok.

The Nigerian woman showed off her mother, who had multiple facial piercings, including ones around her nose and cheeks.

Her mother was shown in the video with several facial piercings, painted teeth, and “awkward” makeup in a mall.

“My mother is my universe, thank you for everything, you are the best mother ever,” the young woman said in the video. In that manner, I treasure you. Please, you or nobody. Nobody can bargain with you.

There were numerous comments on social media as people reacted on the video.

Watch the video below:

@Anita Simon said, “Sorry o, is your mom mad? Asking for a friend”

@Kaka said, “Lord of the rings.”

@Epolle Palle said, “Nor be small arts this. She is supposed to be in the museum.”

@LOCAL MAN 1 of 1 said, “This your own mummy nawa ooo.”

@Aminah said, “it’s her job. She does piercings for living and she is good at it.”

wifeofabillonaire1 said, “I respect moms a lot but Wetin your own mom pack full face na”.

user8957179464394 said, “Ur mum come look like art work

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