“She’s very lucky,” says a Nigerian woman hurt in an election who plans to flee the nation while a guy makes promises.

Bina Jennifer Efidi, a Nigerian woman dubbed the country’s hero, is poised to travel abroad after the election since her strength has captured the attention of a nice man.

On Saturday, February 25, a Nigerian woman was attacked by thugs while waiting to vote at the Nuru/Oniwo Ward, Polling Unit 065, in Surulere.

Jennifer, on the other hand, returned to vote with bandages on her face after undergoing treatment.

Pictures of Jennifer voting went viral on social media, earning her the respect of Nigerians.

Oludayo Sokunbi, who shared Jennifer’s photo on his official Twitter profile, was among others who admired her fortitude.

He informed his followers that he was on a video conference with the woman. He stated that she was already recovering and had left the hospital. Sokunbi then announced plans to flee the country with Jennifer.

“I will make sure she leaves Nigeria after this election,” the generous man wrote. @SummerOkibe, I’ve already told her that the two of us will meet with her.”


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