Ayra Starr, a Nigerian artist on the rise, has shared a video of her mother dancing to her recently released single, Stability.

In the beautiful web video, Ayra Starr’s mother demonstrated her dancing abilities while her daughter’s song played in the background.

Her mother was so vivacious that she could have been in her 30s.

While some commenters questioned whether she is her mother, others praised her youthful appearance.

One Iamslowdog user wrote, “Oh, wait. Na her mother be this? Wow. She is attractive. This is the original sabi chick! Lovely woman

One the food networking wrote, “Na the original sabi girl be this! Gorgeous woman

One Mojadesola wrote, “Her mom ke. Wow she’s very young and energetic

One Callmemjay wrote, “The mom looks younger and prettier than done of IG 23yrs old ladies

One Nene George wrote, “At first I thought she’s the one. What a striking resemblance. Beautiful genes is in the family. The sing is a bop

One Dherbalbody wrote, “That’s why is good to have your kids early

One Folorunsho wrote, “Mama wey sabi

One Ajay da realtor wrote, “See person mama nau. I want to be like dis but swallowing eba at 11pm no go let me see front. Mtchewwwwww”.


Click here to See Video Here


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