Stephanie Benson, an international Ghanaian singer residing in the United Kingdom, has discussed when she first revealed her body and had her first sexual encounter.

The 52-year-old woman revealed that at age 10, she began experiencing hormonal shifts that forever altered her perception of her body.

Stephanie Benson noted in a tweet describing the ages at which she was initiated into adolescence that, with the exception of her marriage to her first love, she was not exposed to sex until her thirties.

Even though her body had matured and she had experienced her first kiss at the age of 17, it would take her some time to determine the flavor.

Stephanie Benson has not been shy about her passion for sex and has displayed seductive tendencies online; nonetheless, she has stated that she was not prepared for her first sexual encounter until she was 21 years old.

I was 10 when I had my first period, 11 when I found my vagina, 12 when I had my first kiss, and 21 when I married him. I enjoy smiling because it feels great. If you’re in my space, you probably want to get to know me. I’ll accept you as you are if you smile and say hello when we meet.


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