Stop sleeping with men for money in any case – Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi has made headlines recently by giving interviews and making some shocking revelations.

In her new advice for ladies, the popular socialite warns young ladies against sleeping with multiple men for money.

According to Stonebwoy’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, sex is spiritual, and ladies should be cautious about who they sleep with in the name of making money.

“Don’t let any young girl think she has to sleep with a man,” she is heard saying. Some of the big men who sleep with you use your good fortune in their rituals. Sex is a spiritual experience. Don’t take sex lightly.

“Don’t think you don’t like a man, but you need him for his money, and before you know it, a man will have taken your spiritual gifts away from you. A young man has taken your spirit somewhere before you know it. “There’s more to life than meets the eye,” she said in a viral video.

She also stated that her doors are always open to anyone who wishes to contact her or who requires professional advice.

“The young girls who have come to you should keep this in mind. You may spend 1000 cedis. I can promote it on my page for you. “I am a brand influencer with a verified page.”

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