Ayisha Modi has caused a stir in recent days by doing interviews and revealing some information.

In her new counsel for women, the well-known socialite warns young women against sleeping with numerous men for financial gain.

According to the self-proclaimed largest Stonebwoy fan, sex is spiritual and women should be wary of who they sleep with for the sake of getting money.

She is overheard stating, “Do not convince any young woman that she must sleep with a man. Some of the large guys you sleep with employ your good fortune in rituals. Sexuality is spiritual. Not to be taken for granted, sex.

“Don’t think you don’t like a man, but you need him for his money, and before you know it, a man will have stripped you of your spiritual gifts. Before you realize it, a young man has whisked away your spirit. “There is more to the world than meets the eye,” she declared in a video that went viral.

She added that her doors are always open to anyone who wishes to approach her or is in need of professional help.

“This should be at the back of the thoughts of the young women who have come to you. You may utilize one thousand cedis. I can advertise it on my page for you. My page as a brand influencer has been verified.”

Watch the video below:


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