“The daughter inherited something nice” says a curvy young looking mother and her lovely daughter in a video

Massive reactions have been sparked by a video showing a voluptuous young-looking mother dancing with her lovely daughter to music.

After dancing to Flavour’s popular song, Game Changer, a Nigerian indigenous superstar, the mom and her lovely daughter became online celebrities.

The woman’s kid danced behind mom while wearing high boots and pants and seemed preoccupied with her phone.

The woman danced as though assessing her mother’s curvaceous figure. When the song reached the song’s well-known opening stanza, her mother grinned and quickly joined her in dancing.

They made an effort to dance using Igbo dancing steps. They received praise for their physiques. Some people struggled to distinguish between mother and daughter.

Social media users were perplexed by the mother and daughter’s attractiveness and curves.


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