Nigerian Actress Chinenye Nnebe has dished what seems to be a very controversial piece of advice to her fellow brothers and sisters on social media on the matter of the heart.

Love is something that can not be forced on anyone but Chinenye Nnebe thinks using juju on the person rather than begg1ng them for their lov3 is right but then that is very wrong because such things doesn’t last.

Those who have used juju to get people’s lov3 can attest to the fact that no matter how long the lov3 or relationsh1p lasted, the person comes back to themselves and realizes they’ve been at the wrong place for a while.

Hence Chinenye nnebe asking that people should use juju on those they lov3 and not beg for their advice is not right but it might also be that she’s saying that as a result of a heatbrek she got from someone she begged for his lov3.

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