Val's Day: Delay sends herself flowers because she is still single.

Val’s Day: Delay sends herself flowers because she is still single.

Deloris Frimpong-Manso (also known as Delay) didn’t have anyone to buy her flowers for Valentine’s Day, so she decided to do it herself.

Delay, despite being a successful broadcaster, had to spend Valentine’s Day alone because she is still single and has no one to make her feel special.

She would not put her happiness in the hands of a third party, so she would pamper herself and give herself a special treat all by herself.

Delay added that being single does not preclude one from celebrating Valentine’s Day, especially if one has self-esteem and hopes to find a partner soon.

“I am the administrator of a WhatsApp group for single people and those who are not married. We are single and have accepted this fact. But that doesn’t mean we won’t celebrate Vals Day.”

“I’ve ordered flowers for myself, along with a letter that says, “From Deloris to Deloris,” because I value myself. “Who is going to love me if I don’t love myself?”

“In order to buy yourself chocolates, cakes, or even shoes on Valentine’s Day, you must first love yourself. Take care of yourself. As for me, I pamper myself.

Delay, who is 40 years old, believes she has a good chance of finding a lover and possibly starting a family, despite widespread rumors that she is dating rapper Amerado.

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